Upside Down Sermon Series

"Upside Down 04: Unconventional Wisdom" - Tim Suttle

Our text for today is a battle between the conventional wisdom of the day & the ancient story of a God who comes for his people in the form of a little child. And we’re encountering this idea that… Part of what it means to be the people of God is that we agree to throw in our lot with God over & against conventional wisdom of the day. 

"Upside Down 02: Wild Beasts" - Tim Suttle

You can’t get cute when you read Isaiah 11. We live in a world with a dreadful abundance of human predators of all kinds. Predator nations, individuals, institutions, and societies … bent on destroying the vulnerable. When we make ourselves vulnerable, we are going to get hurt.

To those stuck inside a closed system it seems completely unrealistic, but Jesus came from outside the system… a new frame of reference.

And as Christians we cling to God’s vision of the kingdom… but we know what we are living w/some wild beasts… teeth & everything.

"Upside Down 01: Mountains and Temples" - Cole McGee

Advent reminds us that the reconciliation of all things will happen through ordinary people in still, small, acts of justice, worship, and peace that seem to come out of nowhere. Acts that pull you upside down and set you right side up. Radical loving acts that give people from all nations a new story to live by... a new imagination for their world and their future.