We are committed to joining with God in the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ. Mission has both a gathered and scattered aspect as well. Gathered, we join together to pursue mercy and justice through collective initiatives that we hope will bring life and vitality to our immediate neighborhood. We want our neighborhood to flourish, so we invest in it constantly. Scattered, we carry God’s mission wherever we go. Sometimes we say you don’t go to Redemption Church, you are Redemption Church. You carry Redemption Church with you wherever you go. So, your mission is always the person sitting next to you.


Common projects like ESL Classes, homeless ministry, Strengthening Families, Bob Starkey Community Garden, kids camps and other activities for the neighborhood all serve to help us engage corporately in God’s mission of redemption.


We hope to live our lives in such a way that we are good news to the people around us, wherever we may be. We hope to bear witness to the love of God not just in words, but in actions as we participate in relationships with our family, friendships, neighbors, and co-workers.