We want to be people who don't just talk about our faith, hold certain beliefs, and then live in such a way that our lives are virtually indistinguishable from our friends and neighbors. We want to follow Jesus in the big issues of life, especially in regard to money, sex, and power. We don’t shrink away from talking about these things when we gather. When we worship together, we don’t come to be affirmed in the beliefs we already hold. We come to be challenged, to ask questions, to gaze in wonder and awe at the mystery of the kingdom of God, and to allow God to call our lives into question. When we scatter, we attempt to put into practice all that we are learning. We take seriously the call to live with integrity and concern for the way we steward our finances, our bodies, and our relationship to power. As we pursue faithfulness to Christ, and this long obedience in the same direction, we know that our relationship to money, sex, and power must transform as well.