The whole of life should be lived as an act of worship—worship that typically comes in one of two forms: Gathered, or corporate worship, and scattered, or worship that is personal and private. Both gathered and scattered worship will involve the consistent practice of prayer, scripture, and Sabbath rest.


Corporate worship is essential to the life of the church. We need to gather weekly as a body around the word of God, and the communion table, in order to fix our gaze upon God and God’s kingdom. Learning to worship together with people who are different from us (different thoughts, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences), this is the serious work of the church. God draws us in each week, like lungs draw air into the body. We are cleansed and fortified, challenged by teaching, stretched by relationships, strengthened and given everything we need to continue to transform and live as disciples. Then we are breathed out to carry God’s redemption. Corporate worship isn't easy—in fact it can be costly, messy, and uncomfortable at times—but it is fruitful, even beautiful, and essential for our church.


Personal worship is essential as well. Out of love and devotion to God we want to be the kind of people who pursue spiritual practices and holy habits that will help us to grow in the likeness of Christ. We know that spiritual practices—things like silence, solitude, confession, bible study, prayer (the daily office), retreat, theological reflection, and many other disciplines—must be a part of our daily, weekly, and monthly routines.