"Epiphany 02: Water into Wine" -Tim Suttle

What you believe about the future will change everything about how you live your life right now. Human beings have seemed to always understand this, so they constantly wonder about the future. In the Gospel of John, Jesus performs seven signs—they’re not called miracles, but signs—in the hopes that his followers will begin to believe, and even maybe to know that they have a future that is good. The first sign—weddings and wine and Jewish rites of purification—reveals something essential about the kingdom of God, and the future of the whole world.

Advent 2015 04: Mary's Song - Tim Suttle

A sacrament is what we call it when physical things take on spiritual meaning. When Mary said, "May it be unto me according to your word," her life as she knew it was over, and yet because of that decision, that yielding, that consenting to the Lord's plan, her life became a sacrament. Her physical life took on great spiritual meaning and purpose. Part of what Mary teaches us is that we’ve all been created with this same potential. Your physical life can take on great spiritual significance if, when God comes to you and asks you to relinquish control, you offer your consent just as Mary did. We all have a part to play in the story of God.