Letter To Families (Suggested Resources)

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Season after Pentecost. This is the longest season of the church year, a time for exploring the work of God’s Spirit, alive in us and in the world. Where do you see signs of God’s presence in your life? How might you help your child to discover a sense of God’s presence? The following action poem can help children begin to understand the abundance of God’s love and presence.

God’s love is…

Higher than the highest mountain. (Raise hands way up high.)
Deeper than the deepest sea. (Make a rolling wave motion with arms and hands.)
Bigger than the space around us. (Twirl around.)
Brighter than a starry night. (Wiggle fingers above head.)
Stronger than a solid rock. (Stomp feet.)
Wider than the universe. (Stretch hands out wide.)
(Invite children to make up more lines and actions.)

During the first half of this season we will explore a story about Isaiah’s call to be a prophet and stories from the first book of Samuel about David, who would be the future king of the people of Israel. During these weeks, children will also hear several stories from the gospels about Jesus and the disciples, including the familiar story of the young boy’s gift of a loaf and some fish and the miraculous feeding of a large crowd.

You might like to read to read some of these stories together at home: Isaiah 6:1–8, 1 Samuel 15:34—16:13, Mark 5:21–43, and John 6:1–21. Reading the Bible together at home suggests that these stories are important to you.

Six of the sessions during July and August will focus on the letter to the Ephesians. During this time the children will learn about the first Christians, who gathered in house churches to learn how to be a community living in God’s way. Through the stories of the early church, children will have an opportunity to learn more about their own faith community.

At home you might want to continue the conversation about the nature of community. Consider reading the newspaper together and talking about some of the things that are happening in your local community and in the world. You might discuss the following question together: In what ways is our family living out God’s ways of love, hope, and compassion?

We will be praying for each child in our group during these seasons. We ask that your family also include us in your prayers as we explore God’s Spirit alive in the world thousands of years ago and today.


Valerie McGee