Youth Ministry: Flocking Fundraiser

August is flocking month.

The youth ministry at Redemption Church is having a fundraiser for the entire month of August. The students and leaders will be flocking friends and family all throughout the church! 

What is Flocking? 

Flocking is when a group of students and leaders, from the youth ministry of Redemption Church, set out to lure a flock of plastic flamingos into the yard of an unsuspecting victim. Under the cover of darkness these students will set out the flamingos, and leave them in the yard of that house until morning. 

When morning comes, the victim may then pass them on to another house by filling out the form attached to the sign. 

What are details? 

It's pretty simply really. If you would like to flock your friends, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you would like to flock Pastor Tim's house... you can do that too! You can even purchase flocking insurance for protection. Either way... you can do all of that at the button below. 

This is a fundraiser for the youth ministry of Redemption Church, and therefore we are asking for small donations for the event. Here is the price breakdown: 

$25 to flock any friend you want. 

$50 to flock Tim's house. 

$75 for flocking insurance. 

When you are ready to start flocking... feel free to click the button below and fill out the form!

Purchase Options