December 3rd - December 24th

The word advent means “coming” or “arriving.” Christmas is when we celebrate the coming or arriving of God: first, in the world when Jesus was born in Bethlehem; second, in our hearts, our family, and our church as we live in Christ; third, in the future—somewhere down the road—Jesus will return to fix everything that’s broken, and live with us forever. Advent is what we call the four weeks of preparation leading up to Christmas. The purpose of this practice is to prepare our hearts to worship on Christmas Eve, so we can celebrate and come to see what God has done in a meaningful way. You don’t have to understand everything. All you need is an open heart, and a cheerful attitude. Listen for God’s voice and take part with a happy heart.

Advent Events:


Advent family Devotional

The goal of this material is for the students to lead the parents. It is not meant to be super deep, but instead it is meant to be memorable and playful. Please allow your kids to read and ask the questions. Parents please be willing to answer questions and help with discussion. 


Advent Readings

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Advent Worship

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