Welcome to the retreat.

November 1st - 4th

The youth ministry at Redemption wanted to give you some insight into what we do on the retreat and why we do it. Take some time to explore the following information, and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.




Over the weekend, your students will be reading the entire Sermon on the Mount. We think this is a great place to start when talking about what a Christ-like community looks and feels like. We will then take a tough look at how our hurts often make it difficult for us to experience community. Finally, we will end the weekend with an invitation to include our full and broken stories into the mission and people of God. I pray that your student learns that every part of their story… belongs in the church… I pray they feel in their bones that they have the freedom to tell the truth of their life, and that their story has the power to create communities that reconciles the world back to Christ.




Our students and leaders travel south east to Lampe, MO. The cabins we stay in are located so far south we could throw a baseball to Arkansas. The beautiful log cabins sit right on the shore of Table Rock Lake, right next to Kanakuk. Even though it’s November the water is often still just warm enough to swim.

The complex that we stay at is amazing. They have put-put golf, sand volleyball, canoes, paddle boards, and fire pits. It’s a great location for a weekend getaway.

The reason we chose this location is because it has enough things to do that our students can stay active, but due to the beauty of the lake and the nature around us it feels secluded enough to give our students distance to breath and refresh.

“Following Jesus involves leaving the comfortable place and going to a place that is outside our comfort zone. Spiritual displacement is what is called for. The dictionary says that to displace is ‘to move or to shift from the ordinary or proper place. As a ship at sea displaces water, so we are displaced when something greater than ourselves moves us in a new direction or state of being. For displacement to be a real discipline, it has to be voluntary. Voluntary displacement prevents us from being caught in the net of the ordinary and proper. It is the discipline essential to remembering who we really are and remaining in touch with our greatest gifts of gratitude and compassion.”
— Henri Nouwen
 Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen


Our retreat is organized around three times of prayer and three meals each day. We have a morning, noon, and evening prayer right before we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything we do breaks out of these three essential moments throughout the day. Take a look at our schedule below, and maybe find a time to pray for us over the weekend.


Friday/Saturday Schedule

8:00am | Wake up

8:30am | Morning prayers

8:45am | Breakfast

9:15am | Silent time

10:00am | Free time

11:30am | Mid day prayer

12:00pm | Lunch

12:45pm | Group game

2:00pm | Free time

5:45pm | Evening prayers

6:00pm | Dinner

7:00pm | Visio Divina

9:00pm | Evening reflection

10:00pm | Free time

11:00pm | Cabin time

12:00pm | Lights out


Silent Time and Visio Divina

Silent Time


What is up with these two things in our schedule? Good question… Silent time is 45 minutes where the students take the booklets we give them and spread out all over the woods and read through the entire Sermon on the Mount. After each day of silent time there will be some guided questions, time to draw, or just simply space to be quiet and reflect on the words of Jesus.


Visio Divina

In the evening, after dinner, all of our students gather around the theater in the basement of the cabin and we watch a movie. The movies will be entertaining and meaningful, but there is a specific way in which we watch the movies that then leads to our discussion time after the movie. Before we start the movie, I guide the students to watch the movie with three questions at the forefront of their mind:

  1. Where is God in this movie?

  2. Where is deep tension in this movie?

  3. Where is redemption in this movie?

The students will then have their booklets and pens out as they watch and they can either take notes or they can simply watch the film. At the end of our time watching the movie we will debrief upstairs together and let God speak to us through the movie. All of our discussion will be centered around our main focus for the week.

What to pack and what my student needs.

Below is a simple packing list that your student needs to bring. There is also a packing list of stuff of NOT to bring.

What to bring

  • Bible

  • Pen

  • Journal

  • Snacks

  • $20 - This is for dinner on Thursday.

  • Toiletries

  • Small games or sports balls.

  • Bathing suit and towel

What not to bring

  • Obviously… weapons, drugs, pornography

  • More than 1 big bag and 1 small bag

  • Video game system

  • Any portable electronic device other than a cell phone.

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Fireworks of any kind

Questions?… let us know.

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Your student will be sent home immediately if they violate any of the things below. If something happens, your student will be isolated to their room, you will be called, and you will be asked to drive to the retreat and come pick them up immediately (no matter the time and with no exceptions).

  • Sneaking out of your cabin past evening cabin time.

  • Being in a girl’s room if you are a guy or a guy’s room if you are a girl.

  • Drug or alcohol use.

  • Conscious bullying or violence toward another student or self.

  • Any conscious sexual behaviour that is manipulative due to peer pressure.

  • Any conscious sexual behaviour that is Biblically reserved for marriage.

  • Conscious engagement in all lake activities without a life jacket.

  • Conscious engagement in destruction of property or vandalism.

Pick up and Drop off

  • Your student needs to be at Redemption Church by 5:00pm on Thursday, November 1st.

  • Your student will be back to the church by Sunday afternoon. The time is always a little open due to how long it takes us to clean cabins and eat breakfast. We will be texting you and letting you know exact time ASAP on Sunday.

Subscribe to the high school retreat text alerts for all relevant news and information while we are at the retreat. This group text will be discontinued after the retreat is over, and only used during and for the retreat.