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Spring Work Day

Our Annual SPRING Work Day is here, and we would like to invite you to join us as we repair, update, and maintain our church building and grounds. This year we will be doing a number of projects inside and outside. Please click the box below and register for our Spring Work Day. It helps us to organize our projects!  

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U18 Informational Meeting

Do you have questions about Children’s Ministry (U18)?  There will be an informational meeting for parents of students of all ages (infant-12th grade). We’d love a chance to answer your questions and share about what we’re doing and why.  When:  Sunday, April 29th from 11:45a-1p;  Where: The Elementary Room (A-frame)  Lunch and childcare will be provided. 

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to Jun 6

High School Summer Camp

For the past few years, we have tried to create a Camp Experience for high school kids that has meaning and impact. We spent the last year listening to parents, campers, and youth workers and combined it with our rich history of pulling off great summer camps to provide an even better experience. This year, we are offering a three-day experience specifically designed for students in grades 9-12.

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to Jul 28

Middle School Summer Camp

This camp is 5.5 days, 5 nights and a full week of crazy, fun adventure! Campers get to spend the week enjoying all of our awesome camp activities, such as our Splash Park, water slide, pool, Blob, Gaga ball, Night Strike, theme nights, basketball, volleyball, zip line, disc golf, and so much more. Meanwhile, campers get to hear an amazing speaker and experience God like they never have before in this immersive camp experience.

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Ash Wednesday

Please join us for this beautiful and important prayer service. This is how we start the season of Lent. This is a dark and mysterious service that invites you to move from station to station and pray. You can go at your own pace and stay as long as you need. This is a wonderful prayer service for families. 

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Youth Group: Las Posadas!!! (Christmas Party)

This year for our Christmas Party we are going to be having a Las Posadas Celebration.


What is Las Posadas? 

Las Posadas is Spanish for lodging, or accommodation, which in this case refers to the inn in the story of the nativity of Jesus. It uses the plural form as the celebration lasts for a nine-day interval (called the novena) during the Christmas season, but for us... we are going to only celebrate on December 13th. 


This story has grown in significance with the Latino Christian community due to many immigrant families seeing themselves in the story of Mary and Joseph as they traveled to a foreign city only to be rejected, but through the pain of this rejection comes the birth of a Messiah. 

That is why we are going to celebrate this story. Not only does this unique Christian celebration have meaning as an old tradition for protestant and catholic latino families, but for almost 1/3 of our students... they see themselves in the story. It speaks to them.

What's the Plan?

Just come as usual to youth group, and we will have food, games, and drinks prepped and ready to go! We will also be doing three big traditions that have roots in Las Posadas: 

  1. We will be having a pinata. This is common in a Las Posadas. 
  2. We will be having a traditional Las Posadas cake. 
  3. We will be passing out cookies to the neighborhood.

How do cookies connect to this? 

This is actually my favorite part, and it takes a little imagination. In a traditional Las Posadas the kids of the church community lead the adults through the neighborhood as they walk to the church. The children will carry a baby through the neighborhood and all the way to the nativity scene at the church. As they go they will have a house actually play the Inn keeper and will play-act the inn keeper rejecting Mary and Joseph. The church community, lead by the children, will continue on to the church and gather around the nativity scene as they place the Christ-child in the manger. 

We will actually start our night with this celebration.

We will meet up at the church, but the doors will be locked. Our students will have to gather outside and wait. At 7:05pm we will pass out the cookies the church has brought for our neighbors and walk throughout the neighborhood passing them out. We will eventually walk to the church where we will have a reading, a prayer, and a meal.

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Advent Cookie Donation Deadline

Since we moved in to this neighborhood, we have asked ourselves what it means to be a good neighbor.  In lieu of a Christmas party or pageant, we have decided that we will invite our neighbors to both Redemption’s & Via de Esperanza’s Christmas Eve Services.  With the invitation, our youth group will be delivering cookies to thehomes.   To help make this happen, we’re asking everyone to bring 2-3 dozen cookies on Sunday, December 10th. 

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Ladies Christmas Party

Ladies, this Friday December 1 at 7pm, we're gathering to celebrate together. We will share our favorite Christmas "Life-hacks", so bring your easiest, shareable snack or treat. We’ll  also have a gift exchange game.  Gifts should be wrapped and something you enjoy or like to give that is $10 or less. 

Come ready to play, laugh & share stories & ideas! 

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Fall Work Day 2017

Come out on November 18th from 9AM - 1PM.The church needs help doing different maintenance projects. This is a great opportunity to bring your family and help serve. Do not forget that lunch will be served. It will be pizza. Bring your family to come eat and work! 

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Enneagram Class Begins!

The Enneagram is a system of personality that describes nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in the world. This class is ideal for those who desire to better understand the unconscious patterns that operate in their lives and the lives of others. Consider taking the class with your small group or friends. 

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to Jun 30

Summer Soccer Camp

Come join us for our 4th annual neighborhood soccer camp. This event is always a great time with kids from our church and our neighborhood coming together to play and enjoy the summer weather. Our camp is not intended to prepare the next Messi or train the next Ronaldo, but instead we think our kids want to have a safe space to play. Therefore, we are seeking to create a week of fun and games for our kids built around the world's sport of soccer. 

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