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2018 Garden Plot Application. 

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2018 Terms and Conditions
1. I agree to pay the fee of $15 per plot to help cover water and garden expenses. This fee can be split amongst gardeners sharing the same plot. I acknowledge and agree that this fee is only for the 2018 gardening year and is nonrefundable. 2. I acknowledge that, if assigned a plot, I will have a temporary right to garden in the assigned plot during the 2018 gardening year. I will begin preparing my assigned garden plot no later than May 31 or the plot and fee will be forfeited for the season. 3. I agree to make every effort to participate in garden work days, which may be scheduled 1-3 times during the season to maintain the overall look of the garden area and the bordering plants and trees. 4. I agree that if I must abandon my assigned plot for any reason, I will notify Redemption immediately before discontinuing work in my assigned plot. 5. I acknowledge that I must obtain written approval from Redemption prior to transferring my assigned plot to another person. They will also be required to complete an application and agree to the terms and conditions. 6. I will notify a garden neighbor or the garden manager if I will be gone for an extended time so my assigned plot will be tended while I am away. 7. I will keep weeds at a minimum in my assigned plot and help maintain the areas immediately bordering my plot. 8. If my assigned plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be asked to clean it up. If it isn’t possible to consistently maintain the plot in a reasonable manner, it may be reassigned or tilled under. 9. I agree to use only organic gardening practices. 10. I agree to keep trash and litter cleaned from the plot and adjacent pathways and fences, and to close the gates when I leave. 11. I agree to maintain my plants within my assigned plot and will trim any plants that extend into neighboring plots or into common areas. 12. I agree to be responsible for watering my assigned plot and will be respectful and responsible with watering equipment. 13. I agree to harvest or pick only my own crops unless given permission by another plot user. 14. I agree to plant tall crops only where they will not shade neighboring plots. 15. I agree to only plant/grow legal plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. I will not plant trees. 16. By or immediately after the first frost, I will clean out my plot, removing any tomato cages, stakes, or any trellis. 17. I agree to not bring pets into the garden area. 18. I acknowledge and agree that Redemption Church retains authority over the community garden and the plots. 19. I understand that participating in the Garden has a risk of death or injury to myself or my guests and damage to my personal property. The risks could be caused by me, other gardeners, or Redemption Church. The risks could also come from the condition of the land where the garden is located, or the equipment and tools available at the garden, or the weather or other environmental or local conditions. I also understand that hazardous conditions may exist at the garden and that other gardeners may be unskilled. In exchange for my right to participate in the garden, I agree to take on the risk of harm even if the potential harm is caused by someone else. I also agree to waive or give up any right I may have to sue or otherwise attempt to collect money from Redemption Church, its employees, volunteers or anyone acting on its behalf (hereinafter, the “Released Parties”) for any losses or damages resulting from death, injury or property damage to me, anyone else or any property, that occurs while me or my guests are in the garden. (In legal terms, I “waive and release all claims” against the Released Parties.) I understand that Redemption Church will not permit me to participate in the garden without my agreeing to these waivers and releases. 20. I acknowledge and agree that Redemption Church is not responsible for my actions. I agree to be responsible for any damage, loss or claim suffered by Redemption Church that occurs in connection with my use or my guests’ use of the garden. (In legal terms, I agree to indemnify and hold the Released Parties harmless.) I agree that I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them. I acknowledge that if I fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions, Redemption Church can terminate my rights to the garden.
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